How I Finally Cleaned Out My Closet

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried one too many times to clean out your closet.  I’ve tried all the tips and tricks on how to ‘successfully declutter your closet’; I’ve even tried to Marie Kondo this sh*** and it’s all a temporary fix for me.  At every try, I’ve only removed a handful of pieces, and it was left looking the same.

….But I think I finally found my way…it’s still a work in progress, but I have been able to successfully make a decision on certain pieces of clothing, which has been my biggest hurdle in the past.  All my other attempts consisted of picking a piece of clothing, extending my arm to make the decision – well, of course, I wanted to keep everything…I bought it for a reason, right?!?

This go around, I’m wearing everything in my closet. Now I live in Chicago (4 or 11 season city), which makes it a bit difficult to wear a wool sweater in the middle of summer – winter gear will get decluttered in winter time. My method is to make a point to wear everything in my closet at least once for a full day.  I know I definitely have a lot more clothes than I need for each season, but I definitely have my favorites and everything else sort of gets forgotten.  By wearing most of my season-appropriate pieces, I get to make the decision whether to keep or discard.

When you actually wear an article of clothing, you’re able to make a legit decision. Not just try it on in your closet, actually go to work, the park, take it out in public; if what you’re wearing is uncomfortable; makes you self-conscious about it; you keep pulling it up or down; if it doesn’t make you feel good- you gotta let it go.

Why I’m thrilled with what I have accomplished so far??

1- It is now the end of summer and I have cleared out so many tops (primarily)…tops that were too tight, weird patterns that I bought because I wanted something different at the time, stuff that was too big, items with a stain, etc.

2- I rediscovered perfectly good pieces of clothing that I had forgotten about, and that look great! In particular this one orange & white stripped dress, that I’ve now worn twice…once when I first bought it (approximately 5 years ago), and once more at the rediscovery phase. This one is definitely a keeper and getting pulled in to a regular wear rotation.

3- I have become more selective of what I buy – this was totally unexpected.  I use to be that girl who would buy anything and everything because I thought it looked cute. Not anymore. I find myself questioning all the things I think are cute, and then realize I still have a lot of clothes to go thru and do not buy.

4- ummm my bank account is a lot happier : )

My method isn’t going to happen in a couple of hours, a day or even a weekend – it’s going to take weeks, maybe even months, and that’s fine- what’s the rush?!

xoxo…hope this help!

p.s. if you’re looking for options on what to do with the clothes, shoes, etc. you are parting ways with, check out Are you recycling your clothes?!?


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