California Family Vacay

I think this was our longest family vacation ever. My husband’s words “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you and Matthew for 10 whole days”, I’ll take it as a compliment…You’re Welcome!  Yes, we spent a lot of time together and it was pretty awesome!

I must add that all these pics are raw and unfiltered. Absolutely no editing, so some pics are awesome (hmmm…that sunset) and some are a bit rough lol.

Right when we landed in San Diego, we got our rental and drove up to Pacific Beach to have lunch.  We stopped at ‘World’s Famous’, I ordered breakfast, even though it was already like 2pm. My brother-in-law, who lives in that area, ordered an ahi-tuna platter, which I totally should’ve ordered because I stole a piece and it was delicious!! The plan is to finish our lunch, and hit the road to San Clemente….no worries San Diego, we’ll be back!

We hit the road North towards San Clemente…it’s about an hour drive with traffic and all – not bad.  It’s freacken beautiful! We drive up this extremely steep hill to our friends house…Friends- We’re here! The views are spectacular. Really questioning why we’re sticking around the flat lands of Chicago.  Anyway, the plan is for a meet up with a group of friends that Saturday night.  We grill, eat, and drink- just what the dr. ordered. By 9 p.m. Cali time- I’m beat.

Sunday morning- the ladies (and Matthew) go on a 7-mile hike and the boys go mountain biking.  Not exactly sure how the mountain biking went, but the hiking kicked my a$#. In my regular life, I do everything BUT hike. Mind you I was pushing a stroller with a 30lb kid in it…uphill. My shines were sore the next few days.  After what I call a successful hike (I didn’t quit or cry), we’re back home and starving. This is where I have the best shrimp burrito EVER…also this was my first ever shrimp burrito.  Later that afternoon, we go to the beach and grab some ice cream…pretty good ending to San Clemente.

Monday morning- hit the road to Santa Barbara. This was a 3-hour drive. made a few pit stops to stretch the legs and grab some food. We drove up Pacific Coast Highway, which has absolutely stunning views. We drive to our hotel to check in, we’re exhausted but get together with some family and hit the Santa Barbara pier. So thankful I’m a ‘just in case’ person when it comes to packing.  My primary selection of clothing for the trip were shorts and tanks (for both me and my kiddo). “I’m going to pack a few pants and sweaters just in case”…that’s pretty much all we wore, so the pier was a breezy, chilly experience but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some ice cream. The next morning we get up and decide to hit the pool and explore the beach; nothing much to see at the beach, but the pool was great. We have breakfast and lunch by the pool, then the kiddo needs to go down for a nap.  So we take turns hitting the gym…the hubby goes first, then I do.  This hotel has a great gym! Tonight we return to downtown Santa Barbara and have dinner with my family, and hit some of the shops on the main street…Perfect ending to Santa Barbara.

In case you’ve lost track, we’ve hit Wednesday…today we drive ALLL the way back South to San Diego. This was such a long, grueling drive. It took us almost 6 or 7 hours to get to San Diego; I was so exhausted and tired of being in the car, and I didn’t even drive ha. On the positive note, the kiddo did awesome (I was worried), but he was such a trooper the entire drive. By the time we get to our Airbnb, we are starving and hit the same spot we ate at when we got there- World’s Famous.  We scarf down our food and go back to our little house and relax.

It’s now Thursday morning and I decide to finally go for a run along the beach. I get a total of 3.5 miles – remember that 7 mile hike at the beginning of the trip, well my shines are still screaming.  After my run, I meet up with my peeps, and we get some breakfast and then plan to hit the San Diego Zoo.  We love it, the kiddo is in awe with all the animals. They have pandas…did you know there’s less than 10 panda’s in the U.S? I didn’t…well the San Diego Zoo has 3 of them.  We call it a day after the zoo…grab some food and bedtime.

On Friday we decide to hit some of the shops in the area, we do a little damage and I only hope we have enough room in our bags to bring it all home.  We enjoy the beach for part of the afternoon. Then my brother-in-law has very kindly offered to babysit the kiddo, so the hubby and I can have a little date night (can’t remember the last time we had a date night).  We drive to La Jolla for some sushi…made a mental note to come to La Jolla next time we’re in the area- it’s so pretty at night. We were left with wanting to explore more of it.  We’re only gone for about 2 hours…we’re so lame lol.  Nonetheless, it was great to eat a meal without being rushed. We get home around 10ish and get the final things packed because we have an early start tomorrow.

It’s Saturday and we’re up at 4am to catch our flight…kiddo did amazing once again, slept through a good portion of the flight. I got a little snooze in and got a chance to watch an entire movie!!

So glad we did a Saturday – Saturday trip; I was so beat, and was grateful I had Sunday to recuperate a bit before getting back to the grind of things.

Till’ next time….thanks for reading!


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