Pre, During, & Post Pregnancy Workout Chat


I’m in the process of getting a new phone (Yes!!), so I’m trying to clean out some of my pics and I realized I have a lot of gym selfies lol.  Pre, during, and post pregnancy – so this post is me reminiscing a little bit and talking about how I maintained my workout regimen throughout.  Yes, I was that girl at the gym with the big ol’ belly lifting weights.  Of course, the amount of weight I was lifting decreased as I got bigger, and so did the things I was able to do….laters deadlifts.


So just a little bit on the pre-pregnancy workout routine; I worked out A LOT.  Very consistently at the gym: 6 days a week with just one day off and on that day off, I would do some form of stretching or yoga. My workouts consisted lifting weights or some form of cardio.


Once I got pregnant, my gym schedule didn’t change much. I got very lucky and didn’t suffer from any morning sickness, and really didn’t feel any pregnancy symptoms.  The only thing I recall, was feeling extremely bloated in the evenings (this lasted about a week), so I would hit the treadmill to walk it off.  I continued to lift weights and run till about the beginning of my third trimester.  The running was starting to become very painful, so I decided it wasn’t worth the pain and stopped running; I continued to walk, I did so much walking.  Lifting and squats never stopped.

Day 1 Post baby
Day 4 Post baby
Day 7 Post baby
Day 10 Post Baby
Day 35 Post baby

Baby arrived in mid-July- he weighed 9lbs! and he was two weeks early (thank goodness).  I had the baby naturally, which meant I had a quicker recovery- honestly, to me, it felt super long.  I took it easy for first few weeks, basically did nothing. I was breastfeeding, which helped shed the baby weight really fast.  Along with the baby weight, I lost a lot of muscle.  I struggled with the belly for a while as you can see from above.

I was eager to get back at it. I’m a bit of a busy-body, so being cooped up at home, was starting to drive me nuts after a few weeks.  Once I started to feel better (before the green light from my dr.), I started to go on walks- first with the baby and dog, then the treadmill for a faster pace and incline (no running).  When my six week checkup came up and the doctor said “you are good to go”. I hit the gym. It was a slow start with the weights; I eased back into everything and it all took time.


Even though I had the green light from my doctor to start working out, I didn’t have the time like I used to.  So I got really good at incorporating at-home workouts to my workout routine.  I used minimal weights (those 10lbs you see laying around), and once the baby got a bit older; he started working out with mom- he loved it and still does : )

Now, over a year and a half of having my kiddo- I am feeling at about the same or better as pre-baby. I’m lifting heavier and my muscle has made a come back!!


I wanted to share my story because I know it isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of work and dedication, but “happy mom, happy baby”- I could not agree more with that saying.  I’m pretty certain, I would’ve been a very grumpy mom to a newborn if it weren’t for my workouts.  Priorities – there’s always something to take care of around the house, but make time for yourself to get you to your happy place (no drinking, please lol) and then take care of the rest.






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