Are you recycling your clothes?!?

Today is the first day of Spring!  Felt like the day would never arrive, but it has and if you haven’t started your Spring cleaning (aka me), you need to go for it now!

I truly have mixed emotions with Spring cleaning: that awesome feeling of discarding my life of the possessions I no longer have a use for vs. the thought of sending a bunch of stuff to landfills.

My blog is somewhat new, so many of you might not know, I try to be as eco-friendly as I possibly can…I ALWAYS use a reusable water bottle, it’s like my signature; I bring my own mugs on my coffee runs; I recycle my empties like it’s my business; I use a bamboo toothbrush (this one took a bit of getting use to); I try to buy in bulk; I always bring my own bags shopping (yes, ANY kind of shopping), but there’s one area I always felt very guilty about and that’s clothes.

I’ve always been very good at donating my gently used clothes, but what about that lonely sock, or those pants I accidently got a stain on and it just won’t come off, or that old- ass shirt that has been washed like 100x over.  I use to think no one wants these unusable pieces….well I came to discover, yes, there are some companies taking these non-wearable pieces of clothing and finding some sort of use for them…. and better yet, they’ll also take those extra worn shoes that I have in the back of my closet.

So now that you’re going to start your Spring cleaning, go ahead and make a pill for recyclables : )

Check out the companies below, helping make our planet just a bit better!

H&M  This is probably one of my favorites spots. H&M has garment collecting bins at their stores, where you can easily drop-off a bag of clothes and/or shoes. Here’s the best part- they take care of the rest and you get a 15% discount coupon to spend on anything in the store.  Clink on the link to read more about H&M’s recycle program – it’s awesome and I love it!!

Madewell So this one is a bit new to me, and a bit harder to find (an actual store). If you compare to the amount of locations H&M has, vs. Madewell, but, nonetheless, it’s an option.  They will take any, I mean ANY old pair of jeans, and use it to create insulation for homes – How AWESOME!…and you’ll get $20 off any new pair of Madewell jeans.

At the moment, these are the only two stores I’ve successfully made recyclable donations at; I really hope to update this post with more options.

If you happen to stumble on this post, and now of additional clothes recycling options, please share!


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