The Healthy Lifestyle DO’s & DON’Ts …Here’s My Take

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight and/or get fit, you’ve read a handful of ‘tips’ on what to do to get rid of those extra .lb’s.  At this point of my life, I consider myself a pretty fit person, I exercise regularly and eat healthy more often than not.  It wasn’t always this way though; we all have our journey.

Now, I don’t have this amazing story of how I transformed my body.  Long story short- In my late teens and early 20’s, I wasn’t the healthiest, but I also wasn’t overweight; I was a little on the softer side, if you will. Once I started going to the gym on a regular basis, my interest grew and started to read more on how to get fit, what to do to lose weight, how to lose the pooch, how to build muscle, etc.  There are sooooo many do’s and don’ts out there on the things you should or shouldn’t be doing to effectively lose the weight.  For all it’s worth, here’s my two cents on what I believe and what has worked for me…

1- Count Calories…this is #1 because I HATE counting calories.  Like I mentioned above, I was never overweight, so I never really had to lose weight.  There were multiple times, I attempted to keep track on how many calories I was taking in on a daily basis (primarily out of curiosity).  I downloaded the app, and told myself this time I will really keep track and know how I’m doing.  This was a huge frustrating fail…seriously, the banana I just ate, was it small, medium, or large *sigh*?  This is just one tactic that never worked for me.  I have a good general idea on good eats vs. not. I’m ok with eating like crap one day, and being fully conscious of it and will make better choices the remaining days.

2- Do not eat carbs…these have such a bad rap – but they’re actually not all that bad. I eat a lot of carbs, especially in the mornings.  My typical breakfast consists of two slices of whole wheat bread with PB&J.  I do always opt for whole grain carbs, tho.  I also try to limit the amount of carbs I eat the remainder of the day.  For example, if I have my typical breakfast; I will opt for a low carb lunch and dinner option.  So I probably won’t have a sandwich for lunch and then a burger for dinner.  Instead, I’ll have a salad or wrap for lunch, and salmon w/ brown rice for dinner. Balancing my carbs is a big deal for me.

3- Don’t eat past 8pm… When I first started working out, I would hear this a lot.  I almost always have a really late dinner; and by late I mean…9-10pm dinner time and go to bed right after. I’m a night owl, so I usually workout in the evenings, therefore; I have my dinner afterwards. No one likes to workout with a full belly.  I snack before hitting the gym because no one likes to workout hangry either (well at least I don’t).  I’ll have a hard-boiled egg and some nuts or maybe a PB&J sandwich, if I’m planning on a cardio workout. Then after my workout, it’s dinner time!

4- Don’t lift heavy, you’ll have a manly bulk…I’ll be very honest here- I use to be a believer on this one.  It took me sometime to come around, but I’m finally there.  I’ve been weightlifting on the heavier side for about 3-4 years now, and I’ve never felt manly or like I have too much muscle.  I have defined muscle and gained strength.  I’m actually looking to gain more muscle and get stronger this year… 2018 Resolutions -I’ve set goals for myself.

5- Eat your calories, don’t drink them… Yes! I prefer to eat a donut vs. drink a frappe. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both equally, but I feel that by drinking something that’s high calorie and sugar sort of masks it; because you’re drinking it it doesn’t feel like you’re consuming that many calories- but you are.

6- Lots of water… Water is life. Most days, my drinks consist of my morning coffee (it’s my vice), and water the rest of the day….and that’s it.  This sort of goes with the above. Some drinks, although advertised as healthy options, still contain a lot of sugar and extra calories. Instead, I prefer to infuse my water by adding natural fruit.

7- Eat at-home more often… ‘How much butter or oil are they using to cook my salmon?’ This is one of the questions I ask to myself when I eat out.  I usually opt for healthy options at-home or when I go out to eat.  At-home, I know exactly what I’m using to cook that piece of salmon. When someone else is cooking it for me, they are using every technique to make it taste as delicious as they can, and that’s fine because that’s their job, but if you’re trying to stay on the healthy side- you don’t need all those extras.

Of course there’s a disclaimer to this post – I am not a nutritionist or a professional trainer.  This is just what I fell has worked for me and what hasn’t.

xoxo, pure besitos

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