2018 Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions- so popular this time a year. Whether you love them or hate them, they seem to be everywhere right now.  I’m pretty indifferent about them, but I usually tend to make a couple and rarely ever stick to them- since I’m older/wiser, I’ve realized my problem- resolutions…too broad. ‘Save more money’, ‘more full-body toning’- you get the point.  This year, I have really pin-pointed my resolutions…

FYI…my resolutions range from fitness to finance to at-home living… not too lengthy.

  • More muscle…..specifically – 13″ bicep flex, and of course, booty gains lol.

  • Get stronger….specifically – 6 pull-ups. This is a rollover from late 2017. I’m currently halfway; best of luck to me!
  • Save mo’ money…..specifically- put $100 of every paycheck to my savings account.
  • Spend less on things and more on experiences….specifically – Traveling with the fam. Currently in the talks of a few family vacations!
  • Minimalism…..specifically – reducing the amount of makeup and beauty products I own. I have so much and I am a minimalist in the amount of makeup I wear. How did I end up with so much?! Anyway, I currently have a hold on any beauty related purchases until I reduce the amount I currently own. This will take some time. This can be its own post.

That’s currently where I’m at. Fingers cross I can accomplish at least half of my list.

What are some of your resolutions? Keep them broad? Or pin point specific?


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