December ’17 Food Diaries

The week before Christmas and I’m swarmed with parties and potlucks, everywhere. For this month, I’m going to walk you through one of my unhealthiest weeks of the year; which I absolutely love.  Since I don’t follow a diet, my days are filled with cookies as a snack and then a salad at dinner- balance!

Monday – Breakfast, 7:30am – My kiddo has become somewhat of a picky eater; this morning he ate half a yogurt, so I ate the remainder. I made him a PB&J, which he had two bites of, so I had the rest. Then I poured some cheerios in a cup, he ate a handful, so I ate the rest. Made some coffee and made my way to the office.

Snack 10:30am – I forgot to bring my yogurt (ugh), thankfully I have some protein bars at my desk, so I reach for one of those (thinkThin – Coconut almond w/ Chia).

Lunch 12:30am- I made some chicken noodle soup over the weekend, so I have that for lunch. Actually, I made a really large batch, and I have a mental issue with freezing and then thawing food (I don’t like doing it). We’ll be eating soup a lot this week.

Afternoon snack 4:00pm – Work has been pretty busy lately, so I forget about my afternoon snack till now – I brought a green apple. I really don’t care for green apples, but my husband bought a bunch and I don’t want them to go bad, so I’m making an effort.

Dinner/snack (I don’t even know) 6pm- Got the kiddo from daycare, and he wants cheese (of course). He gets a Colby Jack chees stick and I snack on some bite size smoked gouda cheese- so good! I also have a hard-boiled egg w/ hot sauce. Then the kiddos starts snacking on some veggie sticks, so of course, I snack with him.

I have my one cup of coffee and then water the remainder of the day.  I’m feeling super sluggish today, so no workout.

Tuesday – 7:30am- Breakfast – Coffee and toast with some PB&J. Kiddo had an early start today, so he’s already out of the house.

Lunch – 12pm – No snack today. I have a holiday lunch, so we head over to a local restaurant. It’s buffet style – this is what my plate looked like: a barbecued chicken breast, cesar salad, small piece of ribs, tiny piece of brisket, a couple wedges of baked potato (lemon & garlic (delish)), and a biscuit. I pick over the ribs and eat a tiny piece of my already tiny piece of brisket; I don’t really like ribs or brisket, but I figured I would give them another chance – I’ll just eat my entire piece of chicken. I eat everything on my plate with the exception of the leftover ribs & brisket.

Afternoon Snack 3pm- I felt pretty stuffed after lunch, but now I’m starting to feel a bit hungry, so I have the apple I brought from home.

6:00pm – Home from work and I have my last hard-boiled egg. I want to get to the gym and then the grocery store.

9:30pm- Back home from the gym and grocery store. I’ve had better workouts, but at least I tried. After putting all the groceries away; I make a protein shake.  I’m still hungry after the shake, so I make a wrap. I spread some hummus, add spinach, some black beans, a piece of salmon, and some cheese. Satisfied…goodnight!

Wednesday Morning – 7:00 am- I have some time this morning, so I decide to make some egg sandwiches. I make one for myself, the hubby and the kiddo. They’re pretty basic, but yummy: fried egg w/spinach, some cheese, on two pieces of toast. Coffee for mom : )

Snack/early lunch 11:30am – I warm up some chicken noodle soup for the kiddo for lunch; he wants none of it. I end up eating the small bowl of it. I also roasted a bunch of veggies: squash, zucchini, broccoli & carrots, so I snack on those every time I go into the kitchen.

Late lunch 1:30pm – I’m working from home,  I get pretty wrapped up in what I’m doing that I forget to eat lunch. Kiddo is napping. I go to the fridge and find some leftover oatmeal fruit bake – I finish that.  It was quite a lot, so I’m stuffed.

3pm: Kiddo slept a lot, he’s up and I’ve made some rice and beans; which he typically loves, but my picky eater decides he only wants a few bites, so I eat the rest.

4pm- I’m not hungry! Still felling stuffed from the oatmeal bake (it’s very filling), the kiddo heads to the fridge and wants to eat a yogurt. I give him his yogurt, eats about half of it and he’s done- of course, I eat the remainder. FYI, I hate to waste food.

7pm- Definitely not feeling like going to the gym, so I workout in my room with my fitness app. I do a 45 minute workout sesh and I feel great afterwards.  Very glad I decided to stay in and do this instead of the gym. Sometimes your body needs a change up.

8pm – Dinner time – I have some whole wheat penne pasta and chicken- filling.

Thursday – breakfast 7am – Toast w/ AB&J (AB= almond butter ; )).  I have a bunch of spinach in the fridge and, still, those green apples; I want to use them up before they go bad; I decide to make a green juice.  I add celery, apple, spinach, and cucumber. I have that with my toast. Coffee to go.

Morning snack #1 9:30am: Today at the office we have our annual potluck and lunch, so I head over to all the treats and grab a few cookies. I prefer all the homemade cookies over the store bought.  They’re all delicious- made the right choice.

Morning snack #2- 11am – Back at my desk from a meeting, I quickly eat my yogurt; I have another meeting in 30 minutes.

Lunch 12pm – Meeting ran a little long, I head over to the lunch area and grab some salad, pizza, and chicken/pasta.

Snack 3:30pm- I somehow manage to walk right past the cookies and have to pick one up on my way back to my desk.

5pm- Home from work and tonight we have my kiddos recital followed by a potluck dinner. I have a protein bar prior to heading to the recital.

7pm – Recital is over, the toddlers were a hot mess. It’s time for some dinner, grab a plate, add some pasta, mini meatballs, pizza rolls (by yours truly). I grabbed small portions, still hungry I go back for seconds of the same. I grab two cookies on our way out- I can’t control myself, they’re delicious, worth every bite.

8pm – Home from the recital; I definitely don’t want to go to the gym with a full belly, so I head down to our fitness room and walk for about 2 miles.

Afterwards, I head back upstairs and just drink water for the remainder of the night.

Friday morning 7:30am – Toast AB&J and my coffee, which I take to go.

Morning snack – 11pm- I forgot my yogurt again- I reach for my trusty thinkThin protein bars.

Lunch 1pm- I brought a salad from home: romaine, spinach, black beans, hummus, cucumber, leftover veggies from earlier in the week, blue cheese crumbles and tuna.  I need to add more greens to my life lol.

Afternoon snack 4pm- An apple, which half of was bad, so half an apple.

6:00pm- I need my sugar fix, I reach for my peachie O’s🍑 I love these gummies! I eat a few more than what I wanted….about 10 of them.

9:00pm- Back from the gym – great leg day! Not super hungry, so a protein shake will do for tonight!

That’ll do it– Thanks for reading!

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