Breakfast of Champions! (Breakfast Ideas)

It’s been said over and over, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not here to argue that point, but sometimes, especially now with a little one running around, eating breakfast is just not as easy as it use to be.  Today, I’m sharing a few of my go-to breakfast items that I can whip up in no time- I’ll call these my Monday thru Friday. I try to get a little fancy on the weekends.



Plain Greek Yogurt Parfait (Monday – Friday) –  I love yogurt parfaits, but I never buy them. The majority of the store bought parfaits are LOADED with sugar.  It’s super easy to put one of these together at home- I usually put about 1 cup of plain greek yogurt, top with peanut or almond butter, about 1 tablespoon of granola, whatever fruit I have available, I love to sprinkle chocolate chips on top, and finish off with some nuts (almonds, pecans, etc)  – I love the crunch!



Oatmeal (M-F) –  This is something I pre-make. I don’t buy the individually flavored packaged oatmeal – once again typically loaded with sugar and artificial flavors.  I buy unflavored/plain quick rolled oats and make a large batch over the weekend, separate into containers; then they are ready to be eaten throughout the week. I top my oatmeal very similar to the above.



Whole Wheat TOAST (Monday-Friday) – I know, this one might sound kind of boring.  This is actually my breakfast 80% of the time.  My trick is to switch what I put on it….honey, pure honey; PB&J, a classic; or cream cheese.



Oatmeal Fruit Bake (Click on link for recipe) – This one is perfect for weekend and leftovers can be eaten throughout the week…and it is sooo easy to make.



Pancakes!! (Weekend) – These are definitely a weekend treat.  There is absolutely no time for fresh pancakes during the week, so I usually try to make pancakes at least once throughout the weekend.  Linking below some of my favorite pancake mixes…I always opt for the healthier version.

Manitou Pancake & Waffle Mix (Gluten Free/ Ancient Grain) Definitely my favorite so far!!

Wheat Montana Whole Grain pancake mix —2nd favorite.



Protein Shake – This would be my 2nd go-to breakfast item, if I didn’t have to clean the blender.

Healthy eats!!  XOXO Besitos

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