October ’17 Food Diary

It is Monday and we are back from vacation! The cover picture pretty much sums up my Florida vacation.  Spent an extra long weekend in Orlando, FL., took the kiddo to a few parks in Disneyworld: hit Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom. I try to keep my food options on the healthier side when I’m away from home – but it’s tough. Healthy-ish options are not always readily available.  I rarely go to McD’s, and I had to make a stop there because we were starving and the kiddo needed to eat quickly, so I didn’t want to spend the time in searching for a spot and then waiting for the food to come to us, so easiest was best at that moment.

So now, I’m back home and will try to make-up for the pizza & ice cream dinners we had. This is my week on trying harder on healthy eating.

Monday – Breakfast 7:30 am – Arrived last night at 11:30 pm from Florida, no time to restock the fridge, so eating whatever is around. Whole wheat toast w/ cream cheese & jelly, not far from what I would normally prep for myself. Coffee!

Snack 10 am – Had some good apples still in the fridge, so I bring two small ones with me to the office. I have one now and save the other one for later in the afternoon. Working hard on getting myself back to drinking lots of water; I can feel a bit dehydrated from not drinking sufficient water throughout the trip.

Lunch 12:30pm- Grab a buffalo chicken salad from my favorite place – Just Salad.

Snack 1 …2:00pm- SUGAR!!! so I have a lollipop

Snack 2 …4:00pm- Ugh…feeling hungry again! So I have my 2nd small apple.

Snack 3 …6:00pm- The apple didn’t do much, feeling hungry so I reach for a handful of mixed nuts (unsalted).

Snack 4 …7:30pm- Don’t have much time to eat because we’ve got errands to take care of, so I grab a Kashi bar and hit the road.

Dinner 10pm- Finally!! I whip up a bunch of leftovers I find in the fridge (no time to hit the grocery store in our errand run). A bowl of quinoa w/ roasted veggies (green peppers, broccoli & tomatoes) and some chicken.

and I didn’t have time for a workout today : (

Tuesday – Breakfast 7:30 am-  A couple of waffles I find in freezer; I add some honey. I have enough time to make my coffee at home. I really need to get to the grocery store today.

Morning snack – 9am – already hungry, so I reach for a thinkThin bar, which I keep at my desk for days like these. Today, I have an coconut almond chia flavor.

Morning snack 2- 11:30am – I brought a yogurt parfait from home: plain greek yogurt, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, 1 tbsp of cocoa spread, sprinkled granola, and top it with some apple.

Lunch 1pm – Grab a veggie wrap from Goddess and the Baker with a side of fruit. Feeling pretty stuffed with just the wrap, I’ll save my fruit for later.

Afternoon Snack – 4:00pm- It’s time for that fruit cup!

Dinner 6:30pm- Well this isn’t really dinner, but I feed my son, so I have a few bites here and there of what I’m giving him. Today we have some cheese and crackers. He’s not up for eating much. I go for a run – 6 miles – prepping for race I have in a few days.

Dinner #2 I guess 9:00pm – I’m done with my run, I grab a shower and whip up a protein shake. This fills me up for the evening, so I head to bed.

Wednesday – Breakfast 8:00am- Today I’m working from home, so I whip up a yogurt parfait – plain greek yogurt, cocoa spread, & peanut butter. I make myself some coffee as well.

Lunch – 1:00 pm – My day has been extremely busy, I almost forgot to eat. I made some tofu stir fry, so I have a bowl of that and bites of some of my son’s sweet potatoe.

Afternoon Snack – 4:00pm – Simply an apple.

Dinner/snack – 7:00 pm- Still chugging along to finish some work, so my sweet hubby makes me half a sandwich (turkey, pepper jack cheese, spinach).

Dinner – 9:00pm – Still feeling hungry, so I warm up some of that tofu stir-fry. No workout today – I’m beat!

Thursday – Breakfast – 8:30 am – I was suppose to work from home today, but I had to come in to the office to visit with a few people. Got to the office @ 7, so no time for breakfast at home brought yogurt w/ hemp seeds, and picked up a venti skinny vanilla latte- my go to Starbucks drink, this or a blonde roast.

Lunch 11:30 am- Out of the office by 10:30am to pick the kiddo up from day care. Headed home and I have an apple while I feed him.  After he’s done, I eat his leftovers and we have a piece of cheese. Colby for him, mozzarella for me.

Afternoon snack – More tofu stir-fry, not sure when I’ll finish this stuff.

Dinner 9:00pm – Since I was planning on hitting the gym, I didn’t want to eat anything heavy, so I have a handful of mixed nuts and a few crackers prior.  Once back from the gym, I have a protein shake and call it a night.

Friday Breakfast – 7:00am- Finally back to somewhat of my routine- toast w/ cream cheese & jelly and my coffee.

Morning snack -11:30am – I finished the coffee I started at home, and have my yogurt w/ hemp seeds – these things are great!

Lunch – 1:30pm – Forgot I had a meeting @ 1, so rushed back to my desk, left my uneaten lunch at my desk, and sat at the meeting just thinking about that delicious grilled chicken, roasted veggies, and side of rice just waiting for me.

….. as I know you’ve noticed, I’ve lost track of my water intake. Still drinking plenty of water just not keeping track of it.

Snack- 5:30pm- Home and the kiddo and I each have a piece of cheese stick. We eat a lot of cheese lol

Dinner – 8:30pm- Been on the fence about going to the gym because I’m sooo tired, decide not to go, so now I’ll have dinner. I have a quinoa bowl, w/ roasted veggies and some chicken.

Good night!






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