Typical Workout Schedule

Do you workout every single day? That’s the question I’m tackling today, and also explaining my workout schedule a bit.


Yes and no, on the working out every day.  I do give myself days off because my body needs it, but even on my days off, I try to have at least a 30 minute walk at a decent pace.  This doesn’t mean getting on the treadmill and setting the timer for 35 minutes and the pace at 4.0.  My walk can be walking home from work, which is about 35 minutes (1 1/2 miles) and a fast pace. Or taking the baby on the stroller and Milo (the dog) for a nice long walk (not necessarily a fast pace, but just constantly moving).


Now a bit on my workout schedule – I don’t have a set on Mondays I do this and Tuesdays I do that. My workout schedule is actually set by my hair, yes, I know, my husband doesn’t get it either. Let me explain a bit more, on the day my hair needs a wash, that’s cardio day and I will usually run minimum of 5 miles; I want to get as sweaty as I possibly can, the sweatier the better; I literally want to be dripping sweat!

Day 1 (evening workout) after washing the hair- I’ll do something light at home. Typically a Nike Training workout (more on the app). I’ll select a 15-30 minute workout with low to intermediate effort targeting the full-body.

Day 2 (evening workout) after washing the hair – I work on my arms/upper body at the gym. Upper body workout is kind of easy for me. I don’t separate my upper body and do shoulders one day and chest another day.  That type of working out get’s boring for me. Instead, I target multiple muscles in one upper body day. I typically do super-sets, where I do 3 different moves (each targeting a different muscle) and repeat the circuit 6x. I’ll do 2 different super-sets, each with the same amount of moves and same 6x circuit. If I’m using free weights, I use either 20 or 25lbs dumbbells.


Day  3 (evening workout) – is leg day! This day is a bit harder for me and I push myself more, so a bit of sweating does happen here.  For legs, I always try to make it to the gym because they have the equipment I want to use to lift heavy and build more muscle.  My go-to moves are squats (start with 2- 25lbs and work my way up to 2-45lbs); lunges (2-25lbs), and deadlifts (2-25lbs).  With each weighted move, I’ll also do a super-set without weights. For example, if I’m doing weighted squats, I’ll do single leg deadlift in between. Yes, by the end of this workout, I need the assistance of my dry shampoo….cardio is right around the corner.

Day 4 (evening workout) getting closer to hair wash again – I do some cardio, but not to the dripping sweat level.  Hit the treadmill for a 40-50 minute incline walk. I’ll walk at 3.5-3.8 pace at a level 10-12 incline.

Day 5 (5:30am wake up call) – This is my 5 mile run before I start my day. I’ll also shower in the morning before getting to the office.  No workout in the evening.


and then I repeat…Day 1 after washing the hair….

What you just read is the typical way my workout schedule plays out, but as many of you know, things don’t always go as planned, so there are times I have to deviate from my norm.  I just try to go with the flow and get my workouts in at the best time possible. Try not to stress when things don’t go as planned.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

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