Favorite sneakers – all under $100

A good pair of sneakers is an essential part of my wardrobe.  Not only because now a days I’m running after a toddler, but I’m a commuter.  To get to and from work, I walk to the train then walk to the office. On good days, I walk home from the office- which is approximately 1.5 miles.  I’m a regular at the gym and running is a favorite hobby of mine (don’t roll your eyes, it truly is). I swear, I can almost live my entire day in a pair of sneakers.

In today’s post I’m sharing some of my favorite sneakers. All of which are under $100, and that makes them just that much better.

Adidas – cute color combo…blush with gray! So in love with these.. $85



Converse – A twist on the classic. What a great pattern!  Totally see myself wearing these on non-cardio days at the gym and to and from work. $75

converse 2

New Balance – Because a black sneaker is a necessity and these are suede, so that’s like a double necessity – $99 (barely made the cut *phew*)


NB- Suede


Converse – You can never go wrong with blush everything – $65

blush converse

New Balance – Rumor has it this will be the next ‘it’ color ; ) – $80


Converse – Yes, I do have a thing for Converse. There’s no way to get around without a white pair…classics – $55


Nike – These are just pretty – $75

Nike blue


New Balance – A classic white because it’ll make you look polished – $45


NB whitle

Adidas – Yes, so these are the same as the first shoe but in a different color (caught me). I couldn’t make up my mind on which color I liked best. – $85




Nike – Because this will bring a pop of color to all those all-black outfits – $80









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