That one time I lost my engagement ring …and DIY At-Home Ring Cleaning

So in honor of having been returned my engagement and wedding rings; I am sharing how I get them from looking dingy and worn, to nice and shiny because this set of rings is NEVER leaving my sight again!

Quick story on losing and getting my rings back… if you’re not interested scroll down for the at-home ring cleaning (it’s soooo easy and soooo effective).

My rings were MIA for about two weeks, I know!! For the first couple of days, I wasn’t really worried because I was sooo sure I had placed them somewhere around the house- boy was I wrong.  

Over the weekend we made our routine trip to Michigan; we drove back Sunday night. Usually, once we make it back, I’m on like super mom mode: feed the baby, give the baby a bath, prep him for bed…I swear I fell like I’m running at 100 mph. My recollection was setting both rings on a counter of some sort (bathroom, kitchen, etc).

Monday rolls around, went to work and don’t recall if I was wearing my rings or not. Tuesday rolls around, and I recall thinking “ugh, not wearing my rings” as I’m leaving our condo, but I’ve gone too far, so I leave without them. Wednesday, I work from home, so I’m not really looking to put my rings on right away, till the afternoon I start looking for them a bit more and can’t find them (not too worried because I was sooo sure I placed them around the house). I check the most common places, where I would’ve placed them – nothing. Thursday, now I’m finally starting to worry.  I really begin searching…ugh nothing. I don’t want to tell Mark just quite yet because, honestly, I don’t want a lecture on what, I like to call, my organized mess.  Friday morning rolls around, and I breakdown and tell him I can’t find my rings.

Eager to leave work on Friday afternoon to head home and continue the search.  At this point there’s two of us checking every inch of our condo.  With a toddler roaming and grabbing just about everything he can reach, they could be anywhere if he got his little hands on them. Our weekend consisted of an unsuccessful ring search; by the end of the weekend my condo was the cleanest and most organized it has ever been, but I was still ring-less.

Finally on Monday, I broke down, at work out of all places. I went to the bathroom and sat in a stall and cried, realizing I didn’t know where else to search. Go home to search where?? nowhere. I had searched every single spot and had come up empty handed.

Other possibilities were the gym, I had gone to the gym the week they went missing. There were so many maybe’s; I returned to the gym, asked the front desk if anyone had turned in a set of rings (I know it was a long shot, but worth a try). I asked the maintenance crew, if maybe they had found the rings…nothing. 

There’s a fitness room in our building, which I was in, as well, the week they went missing, but I would never take them off and leave them there….well….Since I was desperate, I placed a sign letting people know I was missing my rings and left my name and phone number….PLEASE call me if you found my rings!! I also got on my hands and knees, and searched under every machine in that room.  I mentioned it to our building maintenance guy, he didn’t find anything but said he would keep his eye out.

 Two weeks and a couple of days later, Mark comes up behind me as I’m changing the baby’s diaper and holds up both rings!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

As Mark was leaving for work, he bumped into Margarito (maintenance guy) in the lobby, and he said “I think I have your rings” pulls out his wallet and shows Mark my rings! Apparently, I did leave them in our Fitness room, someone found them, grabbed them and then returned them to the fitness room after reading my sign. Where then Margarito found them as he was cleaning the room. AMAZING…I know!


At-home ring cleaning solution…Here’s what you’ll need:

  • small container
  • enough water to soak your rings (rings should be completely covered with water)
  • 3-4 drops of Dawn dish soap
  • old small brush (I use an old toothbrush)


Here’s what do do:

  • fill your container with water
  • place your rings in the water
  • add the Dawn dish soap
  • let soak for about an hour
  • after the soak; (do not dry them) brush them with the toothbrush
  • pat dry with a paper towel and that’s all …. rings will sparkle!




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