Gym Hair?!

So I’m that girl who loves to go to the gym, but I dread washing my hair.  Not only because there’s a process for my hair after the wash, but the damage to my hair that comes from the process ugh… and hats are not an option because, well, I don’t really like them.

Whenever I wash my hair, I have to hit it with the blow-dryer, and then the flat iron. Over the years, I’ve managed to get into a good routine and only wash my hair 2-3x a week.  Below are some of the products I love to use on those days that my hair won’t be seeing the water.

Dry shampoo is my hair’s best friend!!


Batiste has been a favorite of mine for a really, really long time. When you spray it it does leave white powder in your hair, so you have to massage it into your hair. I don’t find this to be a deal breaker. It’s real easy to have it disappear into your hair, unless you forget, which I’ve done here and there. Batiste also have an assortment of scents in case you get tired of walking around with the same smell. I know I do- I think I’ve tried them all.  The best part, it’s one of the least expensive in the market – $7.99


R+co Death Valley Dry Shampoo this is another I’ve recently been using.  This one does not leave a white residue when you spray it, so you don’t have to work it into your hair like some of the others. Which is nice, because sometimes I’m running out of the house and I forget to look at myself one last time and wonder if I have white powdery residue all over my hair “Did I get it all?!?”.  This one is a bit more on the expensive side $29.


Klorane Dry Shampoo – Batiste meets R+co. This one works sooo good and the smell is subtle and leaves no powdery residue. Price wise, it’s middle of the road $20.


Cornstarch  -The dreadful moment you realize you’ve used up the last drop of dry shampoo and there’s no time for a wash. Head over to your kitchen and, yes, grab your cornstarch. This thing does wonders for absorbing oil.  Grab a few pinches and work it through the roots of your hair.  $7

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