My No-Equipment Ab Workout

I consider myself a pretty fit person; I workout regularly (because it makes me feel good, not just look good); I have a good, well-balanced diet.  Yet, I’ve never been really satisfied with my core.

Yes, prior to having my now 13-month old son, my abs looked better and stronger than now, but they never seemed to reach their full-potential, in my eyes at least.

I’ve set a new goal for myself – good set of abs before baby #2.  I know this sounds like a waste of time and effort…why work so hard on getting abs when you’re just going to lose them again?  All I can say is – self goals!

I have started to incorporate a lot more body weight workouts to my routine, because they target the core along with other parts of the body.  Below is a video of my ab / full body workout using only my body weight.  I do either a timed session per move (30 seconds for each) or a set number of reps for each move (10 reps per move).

Please welcome Milo to the video; he’s kind of my shadow.

This was a hot one. Blazing sun!!

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