I Love My Muscles

I was afraid of bulking up when I started working out. I focused on cardio over weightlifting, and my results were not what I wanted.  I wanted the strong, lean look, and  instead I was looking more and more skinny and fragile.  I struggled to get over that hump, but once I did, I started to like what I was seeing in the mirror.


The first picture above, I’m flexing. Yes, this is probably what women are afraid off- too much bulk, but that is not how I walk around. This is not what I look like as I’m walking the street with my family.  I do LOVE my muscles when I flex them.  I feel strong and confident and that is all that matters. The picture to the right is just 10 seconds later – no flex. This is the norm, this is what I look like on an every day basis.

I started to enjoy my workouts more once I started lifting weights. I still enjoy my cardio days, but they max at 2 days a week. I love the feeling of running 5 miles and getting super sweaty or doing a high endurance workout session, but too much cardio it too exhausting for me.  I would find myself burning out too quickly after weeks of consistently doing cardio. I get so much more out of my workouts by the variety I have now. Below are a few more pictures of when I did more cardio vs. now, more weightlifting.

My cardio days

Below is what I look like now…more weightlifting!

I constantly have to remind myself that there will always be someone out there with something to say – I’ve gotten both “you look too skinny” “you look too muscular”. At the end of the day, all that matters is how I fell about my own body.  I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident with my body as I do now (even pre-baby). I love all that my body has done and what it can do.


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