How I manage to successfully workout at home

So in theory, working out at home seems like the easiest most convenient thing to do. Save on commuting time to the gym, going to the locker, etc.  I’ve said it to myself one too many times, “I’ll just workout at home today”. Next thing I know it’s 9pm and I’m exhausted from chasing my kid around, cleaning up around the house, and taking care of the OTHER stuff.  I’ve learned to take a few steps to ensure I get my in-home workout in.

  • Change into workout clothes as soon as I walk through the door.  This is a must for me. It’s too easy to get sidetracked at home, from cleaning, cooking, watching the kids. Next thing I know it’s 9 pm, and I’m exhausted from doing everything else.  The last thing I want to do is change into workout clothes and workout.  But if I already have workout clothes on, I’m a lot more likely to say “Well I’m already dressed for the occasion, I’ll just do a 15 minute workout”. Remember something is always better than nothing.  Why not change into workout clothes to lounge or do stuff around the house…it’s so comfy!


  • Set an alarm for workout time.  My alarm is set for a 7 p.m. workout session.  I walk through the door, change into my workout clothes, do whatever I have to do around the house and once that alarm goes off, I stop and begin my workout. NO EXCUSES.
  • Have your equipment ready, all in one spot. I would constantly find myself running around like a chicken without a head gathering workout equipment (dumbbells, yoga mat, stuff like that). Waste of time, but to make myself feel better, I would consider that my warm-up.
  • Have a work-out plan selected.  Another area I would constantly waste time -looking for the right workout on my Nike Training app.  Now, I prep ahead of time, workout selected and downloaded way before my alarm goes off to begin my workout.  Also, make sure to have a good music selection to get you pumped!
  • Now for that 1-year old roaming around. I’ve learned to include him in my workouts. He LOVES it!  If I’m doing bear crawls, I pretend to chase him and he runs away from me giggling all the way to the other room.  If I’m doing squats, I’ll hold him and squat (cautiously, of course -last thing I want is to drop the baby). He’s an extra 25lbs- weighted squats anyone.  If I’m doing sit-ups, I ask him to hold my feet.  Well he’s not quite there yet, but I love the confused look he gives me.  He gets to observe mommy, it’s never too early to start setting a good example!


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