Dyson Blow Dryer… $400??

So here’s my quick take on the Dyson blow dryer- if you have $400 to splurge, do it- it’s an awesome-looking blow dryer.

But then again, that’s $400 for a blow dryer…a blow dryer! It’s not that I don’t have the $$, but I ask myself – Do I want to spend that on a blow dryer?! I could put that money towards that luxury purse I’ve been eyeing, get a nice pair of shoes, or save it, etc. You get my point.

I’ll get into the specifics a bit more…it comes with a diffuser, and two nozzles.  These tools have a magnetic attachment to the dryer, seriously other blow-dryer manufacturers should really mimic this idea – IT’S AMAZING…sometimes it’s the small things.


The button settings are located just below the round-opening section of the dryer. It has the on/off button, three heat settings, three power settings, and the cool air button- nothing too special here.  The motor is located in the handle, which I might add is a bit more quiet than any other blow dryer I’ve owned.



The vent is located at the bottom of the handle, which I found myself constantly covering with my hand as I was blow drying my hair. Not a deal breaker, but I did annoy myself with it – this could be classified as user-error.

Yes, it did dry my hair faster than any other blow dryer. Average dry time 10-15 minutes. Major points here!!

Now getting a bit more personal, my hair is thick, frizzy, and long; I was really hoping this blow dryer would perform miracles on my hair, you know the $400 price tag. Leave me with sleek, non-frizzy hair. Wanted to just blow dry my hair and be ready to walk out the door (I always have to run a flat-iron through my hair to look somewhat decent). Although, my hair does look a bit more sleek, there’s no way I’m street ready without my flat-iron. Bummer!


Here’s my deal breaker- 2-year warranty, really?! If I’m spending that kind of money on a blow-dryer, I would want Dyson to guarantee its functionality for longer.

End point…I don’t think it’s worth the money. Agree or disagree??


One thought on “Dyson Blow Dryer… $400??

  1. That’s a lot of money for a hair dryer 😱 vacum cleaner is a yes even if 600usd, you’re brace to take the plunge for this dryer. I agree with you, 2yrs warranty isn’t good enough.


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