3 Effective Workout Moves that I Absolutely HATE

In case you didn’t know, I enjoy working out.  From running 5 miles to weightlifting (I love leg day), but when it comes to these 3 moves, my entire body burns and I’m hyperventilating at just the first set.

1- Burpees- You know, this is the one where you start in a plank position, jump your feet towards your hands, and then jump up to touch the sky. This is my absolute least favorite, but it’s soooo good at working your entire body.

Burpees- Start at a plank position, jump forward towards your hands, and then reach for the sky. Repeat 10x
2. Squat Jumps- I don’t hate this one as much as burpees.  I can handle this move a bit better.

7C_4ap (1)
-Start in a squat position (reach for an invisible chair with your butt), jump up, land and return to a squat position. -Repeat 10x
3. Split Jumps – This one lands kind of in the middle of the three; don’t hate it as much as burpees, but would rather do squat jumps.  This one is a serious leg burner.

Start in a lunge position (left leg forward, right leg behind you), jump up, and return to lunge position. Repeat 10x. Then switch legs (right leg forward, left leg behind you). Repeat 10x.
They all make my legs burn and leave me winded. But, once in a while I give in and challenge my body to do a set of each because you need to challenge your body to new things in order to see results.

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