New Mommy Favorites

As of today, 6/7/2017, I’ve been a mommy for exactly 328 days. As a new mom, I’ve had a few fails, but with those fails came some lessons learned.  In this post, I’m going to share some of my favorite clothing brands.  I’ve made a lot of purchases, some that I completely regret and some that I wish I would’ve made sooner. Let’s start from the bottom up….Shoes.

I came to the realization, 10 pairs of shoes later, that newborns don’t really need shoes. Yeah, they look super cute with them on, but the majority of the shoes don’t go on properly; they eventually will fall out and if I’m lucky I’ll notice the fall and salvage the shoe. But those tootsies do need to be covered…so I completely fell in love with moccasins/slippers for my newborn and now my almost 1 year old.

When it comes to clothing for Matthew..the comfier the better.  Here are some of my favorite brands…

Snow and Arrow has some of the cutest slippers I’ve found. They offer a variation of wool for those chilly winters and organic cotton knit for the warmer days. Their patterns are some of the cutest around!  FYI…they are coming up with adult slippers..I can’t wait!


Million Polkadots is one of my favorites for a hipster baby. They offer a range of outfits and slippers with some of the coolest patterns.  Here are some that are on my wish list…


Huxbaby So I originally had this one at the way bottom- I decided to move it up, since this is one of my favorite brands. Yes, a totally hipster baby is my favorite! They have some of the cutest patterns and their stuff is made out of organic cotton.


Robeez also offers a range of shoes and clothing. I also think this brand is easier to find in some other stores like Target, Kohl’s, Babies R’Us, etc. This style is a bit more colorful and childlike.  As much as I want to, I can’t dress my kid in black and white all the time.


Zara has been a favorite of mine for a really long time.  I never really paid attention to their kids section up until about a year ago. They offer some of the comfiest yet chic clothing around at an affordable price. My kid’s bottoms have seen a blowout at one point or another, so spending big bucks on his clothing is not for me.

H&M is another to make my favorites list. I find myself constantly looking at their new arrivals section.  As an extra bonus, they offer a great selection of sustainable clothing!



Egg Baby this brand has adorable clothing for babies, girls, and boys. I originally discovered this brand on, which occasionally will have their items for sale.  They definitely have some of the cutest rompers for girls : /


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